Project Development Services

Developmental Consultation

Do you need someone to bounce ideas off of?
Do you need an outside perspective on the structure of your project?
Or do you need to talk through how to construct a project around your interests?
I would be happy to work with you to whatever degree would be helpful as you plan your project.

Research Mentor

Do you need someone to walk this lonely road of research with you? To not only give you feedback on the specifics of your project, but to talk through how to practically carry it out:
· Where to start?
· How to maintain motivation and conserve momentum in research?
· How to determine what not to do?
· How to deal with disappointment in the process?
· How to accept the limitations of the project, as well as of yourself?
I will walk alongside you as you explore, develop, research, write, edit, and complete your project (or any subset of these stages as would be helpful to you). While no one can offer all the answers—we all need to figure certain things out for ourselves—sometimes having a hiking partner makes the road much more manageable.