Professional Editing

I am a recent PhD graduate in theology, with a background as both a writer and professional editor.
I am currently the technical editor for dissertations at a university near Chicago.

I have taught English, hermeneutics, and theology at the college level.

I have edited dissertations/theses, most recently in the fields of education and organizational psychology, but I am comfortable working in any of the humanities.

I have also edited non-fiction books on theology and Christian living.

Helping You Communicate Well

  • Any editor will be able to help you with spelling, grammar, and formatting.
  • I am particularly excellent at taking raw material and making it readable, effective, and powerful. In fact, this is what writing and editing my dissertation has been for me, i.e., taking content and figuring out how best to communicate it. I have also done this with the writing of others. In fact, during my doctoral studies, a professor asked his students to comment on the manuscript for his tenth book. I was able to note sections that could have been misunderstood by a reader, and he replied that editing was my “superpower.”