J. C. Calhoun, PhD

Writer, Editor, Researcher, Theologian

Words are a gift. They teach us and inspire us. They carry beauty and wisdom.
They are the power of creation. Yet within them may also lie darkness and destruction. Their barbs can tear and rend and shatter. They reflect and reveal, whether the better angels of our nature–loving one another–or what lies hidden within, the cracks we so carefully conceal. They can break us, or they can make us whole. Words are our vocation–all of us, in one way or another. As writers, we play with words, attempting to master them even as they master us. As editors, we hone and sift and polish–whether our own works or those of others–as we bring to the surface the wisdom within. As researchers, we seek to know the world around us and describe it with clarity and accuracy, and maybe a little bit of passion. As theologians, we know that words are a gift.