My Fortes


A good editor can work on any writing and make it better. But editors have fortes, areas of particular expertise in which they work. The following are mine:

Dissertations & Theses


Articles, Blogs, Papers

  • I offer editorial services in any of the humanities.
  • On any stage in the process:
    ○ Development
    ○ Proposals
    ○ Rough Drafts
    ○ Second Drafts
    ○ Final Readthrough
  • I can help you with APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian formatting (including your school’s idiosyncrasies).
  • Humanities Non-Fiction
  • Christian Non-Fiction
    ○ Theology
    ○ Biblical Studies
    ○ Christian Living
    ○ Spiritual Development
  • What about fiction?
    I love fiction, I write fiction, and I have edited it before. It is not my focus, but the skills I use for non-fiction carry over quite well into fiction.
  • Along with longer projects, I also edit academic articles, popular articles, blog posts, class papers, etc.
  • Are you a writer who does not have time to carefully edit your work before submission or publication? I offer a range of editorial services that will help you get your message out in the midst of your busy life.