Editorial Services

Types of Editing

What does an editor do? It depends on your needs and especially the stage of your project. I typically divide my services into three categories, listed below.

Each of these is a way I can assist you as you make this work into the best version of itself.

Proof Reading

Copy Editing

Evaluation Editing

  • Reading a work in its final stage to catch any errors before it is published.
  • Particularly focused on spelling, grammar, word usage, and formatting, but may also include minor changes for the sake of readability or understanding.
  • Line by line feedback on a rough draft or second draft.
  • Includes spelling, grammar, word usage, and formatting, but especially focused on making sure the final text communicates clearly and succinctly what you intend.
  • Does not include substantive engagement with the content, except where it is confusing or liable to misinterpretation.
  • Analysis of and interaction with the content of your work in order to enhance the final argument.
  • As an outside reader, I will examine the argument as it is presented and suggest points of weakness, if they exist.
  • I will also assess the structure and flow of your arguments and suggest improvements as needed.